Construction FAQ

 1.  Will construction occur on my private property?

Construction will only take place within the homeowners’ association (HOA) open space..

2.  Will construction equipment enter the construction site through the community?

Access to the construction site will be from Foster Knoll Drive and Stillmeadow Drive.

3. What time of year can construction take place?

Construction within the stream can only take place between June 15 and March 1.  The timing for construction is based on the stream designation assigned by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  This project is located in the Foster Branch watershed. which is designated Use I.  

4. When will construction start?

Construction will begin in June 2021.  The contractor is Environmental Quality Resources. 

5. How long will it take to complete construction?

Approximately 8 months.  This includes the construction within the stream channel itself. Construction is completed from upstream to downstream.  The contractor is able to complete approximately 50 feet of stream restoration per day.  As the contractor moves downstream, the areas completed are stabilized and equipment is moved downstream. 

Landscaping will follow construction and is anticipated to take place in spring 2022.  The landscaper will also be providing annual maintenance for 5 years after construction is complete.

6. What are the normal workday hours?

Typical workdays are 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, but there may be occasions for weekend work with the County's approval.  

7. Can the contractor excavate directly in the stream?

No, the contractor must use a pump and pipe to direct the stream around the active construction area.  Pumps are used only during working hours.  At the end of each workday, the contractor must stabilize the construction area and return the stream to flow naturally.  Summer months produce the lowest flow within the streams.  Therefore, it is possible that pumps will only run intermittently during the workday.

8. How is the active construction area flagged?

An orange safety fence will be installed along the limit of disturbance.  The orange safety fence is a visual barrier but can easily be crossed.  It should not be considered a barrier to keep someone from entering the construction site.  At no time, should anyone enter into the construction site during active construction and are strongly advised against entering the site after-hours.

9. Who will be overseeing the contractor's work?

There will be a County inspector and a site foreman on-site daily.  One of the project designers will also be on-site several days a week.  Biweekly meetings will also occur on-site during construction.

10. What do I do if there is an after-hours emergency related to the construction site?

Contact the County's inspection office at (410) 638-3217 extension 1176 

11. Will trees need to be removed for construction?

Yes, trees will be removed to allow for equipment access and to allow for grading to align the new stream.  The County has taken an inventory of trees within the construction area that are 18" or larger in diameter.  The inventory also includes species and health.  Those trees with poor health have been targeted for removal, including white ash trees that are currently experiencing a decline due to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Tree removal will be consistent with the Forest Conservation Act and Critical Area Regulations. 

12. What should I expect as a property owner during construction?

Stream restoration appears very messy during construction and can be loud at times.  Pumps will run at least intermittently and possibly during the full workday.  Equipment used for construction is large and noisy and at times includes backup beeping.  There is also large stone to be installed in various locations along the stream.  Some of the stone must be moved, dumped, placed, and adjusted and can be noisy.