2021 TY Expo Workshops

Welcome to the 2021 TY Expo Workshop page.  Below you will find some video presentations that will help you to build your future. Have questions?  Contact the presenters below or Rachel Harbin, Office of Disability Services raharbin@harfordcountymd.gov.

Maryland ABLE Logo

ABLE Accounts
Presenter: Kelly Nelson, Outreach & Communications Manager, Maryland ABLE

This workshop will provide an overview of the Maryland ABLE program as well as the eligibility criteria and enrollment process, and online account management. It will also discuss features such as saving and investment options, Maryland State income deduction for contributions made to a Maryland ABLE account, the online gifting page, and the prepaid card option for convenient access to ABLE account funds.

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Begin With the End in Mind
Presenter: Peter Schlehr, Office of Transition, Harford County Public Schools (HCPS)
This workshop is geared to ensure a student's successful transition into adulthood; to begin planning with the end in mind!  The continuum of HCPS transition services with a focus on middle school age will be discussed.

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College and Disability - Strategies for Success
Presenter: Dawn Volkart, Harford Community College
This workshop is designed to help students and parents prepare for college life.  Topics include: preparing yourself in high school for college; selecting a college; procedures for college enrollment; campus support services; student responsibility; and classroom accommodations.

MD State Department of Education - Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) logo

Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) Programs
Presenter: Jan Stauffer, DORS
Learn about the DORS programs that lead to employment. DORS helps eligible students plan for job training, higher education, and employment. DORS also provides personalized support and employment services so individuals with disabilities can plan a path to a successful career.

The Image Center Logo

Getting Out There: Increasing Opportunities for Social Success!
Presenter: Jessica Leone, the Image Center

Discovering social opportunities, meeting people and exploring personal interests and hobbies are significant to living a full, enriching life. This workshop is designed to highlight the benefits and resources of opening the doors to social success.

Housing 101
Presenter: Hindley Williams, Independent Living Specialist, the Image Center
This workshop will discuss affordable housing, what it takes, and how it works. Gain a solid understanding of housing opportunities and a breakdown of some complicated housing vocabulary.

Maryland Work Incentives Network logo

Maryland Work Incentives Network
Presenter: Kate Wallace, Benefits Counselor, MD-WIN

Find out how a transition-aged student with a disability can work without losing their benefits.

Curran Knittle Group Logo

Planning for the Future (Zoom Link - password: w1x*dWj4)
Presenters: Monty Knittle and James Curran, The Curran Knittle Group
Planning for the future of a loved one with a disability can be a complicated maze to navigate. Proper financial and legal estate planning can help protect eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other government programs. We will discuss these topics along with self-determination, guardianship, powers of attorney, circles of support, and special needs trusts, and how to create an estate to fund them.

Harford County Public Library logo

Raising Independent and Self-Directed Teens
Presenter: Laura Feller, Transition Resource Itinerant, Harford County Public Schools
Do you question your teen's ability to demonstrate independence in the real world?  This presentation will provide you with activities to boost daily living skills at home, show you how to increase social skills, and foster independence.

Resources & Links to accompany workshop:
Stop, Look and Listen Tool

Harford County Resources
HCPS Partners for Success
Harford County Therapeutic Recreation
Harford County Commission for Disabilities
Harford County Office of Disability Services

Local Support Organizations
Chesapeake Down Syndrome Parent Group
Pathfinders for Autism
Parents' Place of Maryland
National Resource Cntr for Supported Decision-Making
Books on Puberty & Dating by Terri Couwenhoven

Service Coordination Logo

The Transition Process
Presenter: Service Coordination
This workshop is designed for families and students who would like more information about the transition process including the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA) eligibility, the transition timeline and the role of Service Coordination. (Note, there is no audio to this presentation)

Please Note: The Expo for Transitioning Youth 2021 is presented for general information purposes only. Reference to any non-governmental entity, project, service or information does not constitute an endorsement by Harford County, the sponsoring agencies or any of their employees. A qualified professional should always be consulted to ensure accurate, up-to-date information and advice.