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Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) is Harford County's largest employer and a major economic driver for the region. To reach APG, please call 410-278-5201. Aberdeen Proving Ground is now one of the most diversified military installations in the United States and the work that takes place at this 72,000 acre complex with 21,000 employees touches almost every aspect of U.S. military operations.
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 has a core workforce of science and engineering workers and 74 federal laboratories—more than twice as many as any other state—that provide easy access to technology transfer and an extensive network of well-trained, highly-educated, technology professionals. Here locally in Harford County, aerospace companies play a mission-critical role in support of innovative next-gen technologies for the multi-domain warfighter, maintaining a competitive edge over near peer adversaries to ensure our nation’s security.  

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Harford County is home to some of the nation's top security agencies and other high-tech innovators. Harford's strategic location to military installations and the Capitol give cybersecurity companies access to key resources and contracting opportunities. Harford Community College's Information Assurance and Cybersecurity program, certified a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by the NSA and Homeland Security, ensures cybersecurity companies have a pipeline of highly trained talent. 

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With the establishment of Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1917, Harford County became a thriving defense community. In 2018, Harford was named a Great American Defense Community as part of the Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor. More than 150 defense contractors in Harford County have access to resources found nowhere else, including:
  • Maryland's new Defense Technology Commercialization Center-helps businesses and contractors leverage cutting-edge technology; 
  • APG's Professional Associations Network (PAN)-provides networking opportunities; 
  • Maryland's Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)-provides companies with access to government contracting and procurement specialists.

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Between 200 to 2016, Maryland's investment in R&D increased more than 80%, with $20.8 billion spend in 2017 alone. Aberdeen Proving Ground's presence in Harford continues to make the county a hub for research and development of new technologies. The installation's focus on research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDTE) has facilitated the advent of products and services ranging the multi-use spectrum. The technology incubator Harford Business Innovation Center (HBIC) is home to DefTech, which leverages cutting-edge technology developed on APG, as well as The U.S. Army Futures Command's Network Cross-Functional Team (N-CFT). The N-CFT's goal is to work with industry and entrepreneurs on technology solutions to emerging threats to national security. The collaboration between industry, academia, government, and APG is critical in supporting R&D and innovation through technology transfer. 

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Defense Contractors in Harford County

 Veteran Owned
*  Woman Owned
+  Minority Owned
~ HUB Zone

  1. 4LOC Affiliates *   
  2. AASKI Technology (MAG Aerospace)*+   
  3. ACE Electronics Defense Systems, LLC ~
  4. ACET+   
  5. ACSyeS, Inc.
  6. Ad hoc Research Associates+~  
  7. Altus Engineering
  8. Amentum (formerly AECOM)
  9. ANSER  
  10. ASRC Federal Vistronix +  
  11. Battelle Eastern Science & Technology Center      
  12. Beacon Environmental Services, Inc.
  13. Blue Arc, LLC*   
  14. Blue Eye Technology+   
  15. Boeing Co.
  16. Booz Allen Hamilton
  17. Bravura IT Systems, Inc.*+    
  18. Burrow’s Management
  19. CACI
  20. CadmiumCD
  21. CAS Severn, Inc.
  22. CAS-tek
  23. CCL Biomedical, Inc.
  24. Celerius
  25. CGI Federal
  26. City Light & Power, Inc.
  27. CMIT Solutions
  28. Coherent Technical Services (CTS)
  29. Collins Aerospace
  30. Comtech TCS, Inc.
  31. Concurrent Technologies Corp.(CTC)
  32. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
  33. D. Wheatley Enterprises, Inc.
  34. Dalcom
  35. DAS Services, LLC
  36. Data Intelligence
  37. Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA)
  38. DataPath
  39. DCI Solutions
  40. DCS Corp.
  41. Decisive Data Systems
  42. DHPC Technologies, Inc. 
  43. DRS Technology
  44. Elbit
  45. Emerald Tech Solutions
  46. Engility Corporation
  47. Engineering Solutions Products, LLC (ESP) 
  48. Environics USA, Inc.
  49. Envision Innovative Solutions
  50. EPS Corp.
  51. Excet Incorporated
  52. Exeter Government Services
  53. Fastenal
  54. Federal Radio (TASC Systems)
  55. Future Skies, LLC
  56. General Dynamics Information     Technology (GDIT)
  57. General Dynamics Mission Systems
  58. Georgia Tech Research Institute
  59. GIO Technologies
  60. GP Strategies
  61. Green Dragon Six Consulting, LLC
  62. GSI Family of Companies
  63. Hi-Tec Systems, Inc.
  64. Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII)
  65. Hythe Research*   
  66. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.
  67. IEM
  68. IncrediTek  
  69. Infection Prevention Systems, LLC
  70. ITekFed
  71. ITM4G
  72. Janus Research Group, Inc.
  73. JRAD, Inc.
  74. KBR
  75. Kiple Acquisition (KASTLE)
  76. Klas Government
  77. Kord Technologies
  78. Kuzma Technical Enterprises, LLC
  79. L3 Technologies
  80. Leidos
  81. Linchpin Solutions  
  82. Link Solutions, Inc.
  83. LinQuest
  84. LMI
  85. Lockheed Martin 
  86. Lockwood Group, LLC
  87. Logyx, LLC
  88. Lufburrow & Co, Inc.
  89. ManTech International Corp.
  90. Manufacturers Services Associates, Inc. (MSA)
  91. Millennium Corporation
  92. Millennium Systems International
  93. Mission 1st Group
  94. MITRE Corporation
  95. Modern Mission Systems
  96. Man-Machine Sys. Assessment (MSA)
  97. National Technical Systems, Inc.
  98. Navqsys, LLC
  99. Netorian
  100. NetSea Technologies, LLC
  101. Nexagen Networks, Inc.
  102. NextGen Federal Systems
  103. Noblis
  104. Northrop Grumman
  105. NTS Chesapeake
  106. Nu-Tek Precision Optical Corporation
  107. Oasis Systems*+   
  108. Omni Technologies
  109. Optec, Inc.
  110. Parsons
  111. Perspecta
  112. Potomac Fusion
  113. Praxis Engineering Technologies, LLC
  114. PreTalen
  115. QED Systems
  116. QuanTech Services, Inc.
  117. Quantum Research International, Inc.
  118. Quviant Group, LLC
  119. Raytheon Technologies
  120. RDA Technical Services
  121. RoundTable Defense
  122. RTR Technologies, Inc.
  123. Sabre Systems, Inc.
  124. SAIC
  125. SciTech Services, Inc.
  126. Semper Valens Solutions  
  127. Sev1Tech*   
  128. Shipcom Federal Solutions
  129. Sholz Associates
  130. Shonborn-Becker Systems
  131. Sigmatech
  132. Smiths Detection
  133. Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
  134. Scientific Research Corp. (SRC)
  135. SOTERA Defense Solutions
  136. SpectraTech, LLC
  137. SRI International
  138. STC
  139. Stone Ridge Technology (SRT)
  140. Strategic Alliances Group, Inc*+ 
  141. SURVICE Engineering
  142. Symbolic
  143. Systek 
  144. T2S Solutions
  145. Tech-X 
  146. Tecolote Research
  147. Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
  148. Telesis
  149. Telos
  150. TENAX Technologies
  151. Thales TCT
  152. Torch Technologies
  153. TRAX International
  154. Tribalco, LLC*+   
  155. Trideum
  156. UIC Government Svcs. (Bowhead)
  157. Universal Solutions International, Inc.
  158. VanJoh Graphics, LLC
  159. Venntronix
  160. Viasat
  161. Vidovich Engineering Solutions, LLC (VES)
  162. VRC Corporation