Industries & Sectors

Harford County, Maryland is known for its diversified economy. Strategically located on I-95 at the heart of the Mid-Atlantic market, Harford County's location, highly-skilled workforce, and business-friendly environment make it ideal for business growth.

Named a Great American Defense Community in 2018 by the USAA and the Association of Defense Communities, Harford County is home to Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), the U.S. Army's premier research & development installation employing 21,000 military and civilian workers both at installation and in subordinate commands. APG, Maryland's sixth largest employer, had a $5.1 billion national economic impact in 2019. With APG, Harford County has been a thriving home for defense and technology for more than 100 years. More than 150 defense contractors, as well as technology startups and cybersecurity companies utilize Harford County Economic Development's vast resources and network to grow as the county cultivates a culture of cutting edge innovation.

Three major medical centers and an expanding healthcare sector serve Harford County residents, 95% of whom are insured. The result: Harford County is healthy, ranking among the top Maryland jurisdictions for a range of health factors. Harford County partners with its health leaders to help provide access to quality, timely healthcare. University of Maryland Medical system has an expanding presence in Harford County, as does MedStar Health and Kaiser Permanente. The Harford County Health Department, Healthy Harford, and the Klein Family Harford Crisis Center are just a few of the resources available to residents and healthcare stakeholders alike.

Harford County’s prime location along the I-95 corridor, with its proximity to the Port of Baltimore and easy access to rail and road, has proven an incentive for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce sectors to establish and grow. Harford County has more than 24 million square feet of industrial space with a low vacancy rate, housing big names companies such as Amazon, Wayfair, and The Container Store. More than one-third of the U.S. population is accessible in an overnight’s drive of the County, providing an efficient connection between logistics management companies and consumers. Harford has attracted companies at the forefront of next-generation manufacturing with its highly-skilled and educated workforce, with businesses such as Clorox, TIC Gums, and Frito-Lay maintaining locations here.

Harford County Economic Development offers financial support and business development services to businesses of all sizes. We work directly with the business community to identify funding sources, such as traditional financing, venture capital, or local, state, and federal programs. The County also facilitates the Workforce Technical Training Grant program, which offers matching reimbursement funds to offset the cost of advanced technical training that results in higher pay grades and job retention for a business’ current employees.