BGE SEED Program


The SEED Program will allow qualifying businesses to invest more of their resources in their own operations by reducing BGE’s charges for service extensions and temporarily decreasing energy distribution charges. These reductions can help businesses grow, expand, hire and ultimately contribute to a stronger economy. Click here to learn more.

BGE’s SEED Program offers eligible commercial customers:

  • A 25% reduction on electric and natural gas distribution and demand charges
  • A 75% discount on service extension costs (for businesses that are located in a Maryland enterprise zone).

SEED Program Benefits

Minimum qualifying load500 kW of new electric demand per month and/or 90,000 therms of gas annuallyNo minimum load requirement
New full-time job requirementAt least 10 full-time jobsAt least one full-time job
BENEFITS25 percent reduction for three years

25 percent reduction for five years

Approved enterprise zone based businesses can also receive a 75 percent discount on service extension costs

For more information, please call 410-638-3059.