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1. I don't agree with a decision on a permit or interpretation of a regulation made by a County agency. Is there a way I can appeal this decision?
2. When is a building permit/zoning certificate needed?
3. How long is a permit valid?
4. How can I obtain a building permit/zoning certificate application?
5. Who can apply for the building permit/zoning certificate?
6. How long does it take to receive an approved permit?
7. What are the fees for building permits, and when are they paid?
8. How can I check the status of my building permit/zoning certificate?
9. Who do I contact regarding building inspections?
10. Who do I contact for a mobile home or manufactured housing building permit?
11. What is a Site Plan?
12. Can I get a refund on a permit if I change my mind?
13. Do I need a building permit/zoning certificate for a barn?
14. Do I need a building permit/zoning certificate for a deck, shed, fence, club basement or patio?
15. What size accessory building can I put on my property?
16. What is the Natural Resource District and how will it affect my property?
17. Can I park an untagged or inoperable vehicle on my property?
18. Do I need a permit for a pond?
19. Can I have horses on my property?
20. Where can dog runs be located and do I need a permit?
21. Can I operate a business out of my home and do I need a permit?
22. Can I have a 2nd dwelling on my property?
23. What are the requirements for cottage housing?
24. What are the phone numbers of the agencies approving my permit?
25. What is an Impact Fee?
26. Who pays the Impact Fee?
27. What uses can be exempted from payment of an Impact Fee?
28. How much are the Public School Impact Fees?
29. When will the Impact Fee be paid?
30. What are the zoning classifications?
31. Do I need approval for a public event?