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1. Who do I call for a water/sewer line break or other related emergencies?
2. How do I pay my water/sewer bill?
3. What is in my water?
4. I have question concerning my water/sewer bill. Who can I speak to?
5. What is my water tested for, and how often is it tested?
6. How can I find out if public water and/or sewer is available on a property I am interested in purchasing?
7. How do I get a water and/or sewer permit?
8. I am moving. Who should I call to get the water turned on at my new residence?
9. Do I need a water and/or sewer permit to connect to public services?
10. How do I connect to public water and/or sewer?
11. I am on a private well system and need my water tested. Who can I call?
12. I am renting a home. Can I have the water bill sent to directly to me?
13. My well went dry. How do I connect to public water?
14. Do you handle Percolation or "Perc" Testing?
15. My septic is failing. How do I connect to public sewer?
16. My water is turned off due to non-payment. Who can I call to get it turned back on?
17. What is the User Benefit Assessment?
18. How much are the connection charges for water and/or sewer
19. What is the 15-year water meter replacement program?
20. What will the replacement of my water meter entail?
21. Will anything change as a result of my new water meter?
22. What if there is a leak at the water meter or any problems after the meter is replaced?