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Harford Streams Summer Adventure 2020 Registration Form

  1. One account per household

    Each person easily recognizable in 7 stream-side selfies will receive a free t-shirt. Only one entry per household for prize drawings following eligibility guidelines listed on the Harford Streams Summer Adventure 2020 website. Register by September 7, 2020

  2. Username will be used when uploading pictures and will be visible to the public.

  3. T-shirt sizes and location for pick up

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  15. How did you hear about the Summer Adventure?*

  16. My actions can help improve the health of Harford County streams.

  17. I care about the health of Harford County streams.

  18. I would like to help improve the health of Harford County streams

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  20. Liability*

    By submitting this registration form, I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the Harford Streams Summer Adventure 2020 and that I will be visiting sites and taking photographs at my own risk while participating in this program. I agree to indemnify and hold the County harmless from any costs, losses or claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from my participation in the program and I agree to release the County from any claims I may have arising out of or resulting from my participation. I also give my permission for Harford County to use any images which I upload to the County’s website for promotional or educational purposes.

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