MALPF Program

The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) program served as the model for our county program so its easement terms are very similar to HALPP ones. MALPF easements are held by Maryland Department of Agriculture, which also oversees all settlements and administrative functions with Harford County staff serving as the liaison. MALPF easements also contain limited subdivision rights for the original grantor and immediate family members, extinguished at the first transfer of ownership.

Application Process
The MALPF program is currently on a biennial offer cycle, with all easements being a lump sum payout at settlement. As part of the application, the landowner specifies an asking price for the easement and MALPF determines an easement value using the differential between a market value appraisal and a standardized agricultural value formula, with the final offer being the lower of the 2. Applications are ranked by the county EPR and offers are extended based on funds allocated directly to the county.

Properties not receiving direct offers may also compete statewide for offers based on the discount value of their asking price to the MALPF easement value. Properties entering a MALPF easement also receive the $50 per acre tax credit towards their Harford County property tax bill.