Water Dependent Facilities

Construction and repair of water dependent facilities is permitted in the Critical Area Buffer. A water dependent facility is a structure whose function depends on being on or near the water. Example: A gazebo does not need to be on or near the water to be used, piers do.

All waterfront properties not in a subdivision with a community pier are allowed to construct a pier, subject to permits from the Department of Planning and Zoning, Maryland Department of the Environment, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Water dependent facilities are permitted under the following restrictions:
  • New or expanded private piers may accommodate no more than 4 boats.
  • No structure connected to the shoreline, such as a dock or pier, may extend outward from the mean high tide more than 25% of the distance to the mean high tide on the opposite shore or more than 250 feet which ever is less.
  • No structure connected to the shoreline is permitted to extend into an existing navigational channel.
Note: Habitat Protection Areas and Water Dependent Facilities are not grandfathered and all applicable regulations must be met.