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Road Name
Project Limits
Date Closed Date to Reopen Reason for Closure
Eden Mill Road  The Eden Mill Fall Fest will be held November 3, 2018. As a result, Eden Mill Road will be closed between 1.1 miles west of Telegraph Road to Fawn Grove Road from 10:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. November 3, 2018 November 3, 2018 Eden Mill Fall Fest
Eden Mill Road Bridge 111  Eden Mill Road will be closed at the bridge over Big Branch, to all traffic, including emergency vehicles to replace the deteriorated bridge deck. The Eden Mill Nature Center will remain open during this project. Click here for more information June 18, 2018  November 20, 2018 Replacement of deteriorated bridge deck 
Forge Hill Road  Between Lochary Road and Old Forge Hill Road. 
This road encountered several "landslides" and has severe erosion along the ditchlines.  Unsure whether repairs will be completed by Highways crews or if it will be contracted out.  Since no homes are in the area and very low traffic volumes, for motorists safety, it made more sense to close the road for now and investigate methods of repair.  Estimated closure:  2-4 months.

September 6, 2018  January 7, 2019 Construction
Glen Cove Road - Bridge #155  Bridge located just west of 1803 Glen Cove Road.
Bridge is severely scoured under the abutments with partial failure of downstream wingwall and abutment. The County is currently planning on complete replacement, but investigating other options as well. This bridge was in good to very good condition, prior to the flood - as such, repair or replacement wasn't currently programmed in the County's long range plan. Therefore, the County will need to start from scratch with a new bridge design and permitting (about 2 years) with construction lasting about one additional year.  Estimated closure:  2 - 3 years. 
September 4, 2018  September 3, 2021 Bridge replacement
Glen Cove Road - Bridge #156 Bridge located just west of 1920 Glen Cove Road. Bridge was on the long term replacement schedule, but remained in acceptable condition.  In fact, the bridge itself appears to be relatively intact from the floods with the severe erosion to the surrounding roadbed and behind the abutments, being primarily responsible for the current closure. Since a new bridge was planned and already designed, it isn't practical to repair the existing damage if it is going to be replaced in another year or two. Therefore, the County plans to expedite the construction utilizing the current plans. Estimated closure:  12 - 18 months, dependent upon permitting.
September 4, 2018  March 4, 2020 Bridge replacement
Green Road  Green Road, from Long Corner Road to the Baltimore County Line, will be closed for bridge reconstruction. School buses and emergency vehicles will not be allowed through. Please make other arrangements if you travel on this roadway. September 4, 2018  July 5, 2019 Bridge reconstruction
New Park Road  New Park Road, over Island Branch, will be closed for approximately 6 months for bridge replacement. School buses and emergency vehicles will not be allowed through. Please make other arrangements if you travel on this roadway. July 16, 2018  December 17, 2018 Bridge Replacement 
Robinson Mill Road - Bridge #154  Harford County Department of Public Works will be closing Bridge #154 located 3/10ths of a mile east of MD 136 due to the structural degradation of the supporting beams. It will be closed until further notice to all traffic, including emergency vehicles. Please make other arrangements if you travel on this roadway. March 10, 2017  Until further notice Repairs to Bridge #154
Snake Lane - Bridge #31  Bridge located just east of 2920 Snake Lane. This bridge was already slated for replacement and the project was awarded with construction scheduled to start on September 24th.  This structure did not wash out and repairs could have potentially been completed by Highway's crews, but it would have taken several days to do and would have detracted from their other flood recovery efforts.  This did not make fiscal sense considering the structure was being closed and removed in 2-3 weeks anyway. 

September 4, 2018  July 6, 2020 Bridge replacement
Tollgate Road Tollgate Road, from W Ring Factory Road to Plumtree Road, will be closed for culvert replacement and roadway reconstruction. This road closure is expected to last for 4 months. Access will be limited to emergency vehicles and residents who live within this work zone. Tollgate Road will be impassable at the culvert removal and replacement location, 1512 S Tollgate Road. Please follow the detour signs or make other arrangements if you travel on these roadways.
September 24, 2018  January 24, 2019 Culvert replacement and roadway reconstruction
Trappe Road - Culvert  Culvert located just west of 1349 Trappe Road. Road is severely eroded and pipes are separated. Guardrail knocked over and streambed full of boulders thereby losing capacity for future storms.  The County will likely replace the existing pipes with new upgraded pipes and may contract this work out.  Estimated closure for design, permitting & construction:  6 - 10 months.
September 4, 2018  July 5, 2019 Culvert replacement

Harford County Maintained Roads:

Harford County maintains over 1,000 miles of roadway.  Harford County maintained roads EXCLUDE:
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Reporting Pot Holes or Road Emergencies:

Harford County Highways will require your name, address, phone number, and specific location of problem you are reporting. This information is logged in at their dispatch office and directed to the appropriate Highways staff.
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  • Harford County Sheriff's Office     410.838.6600

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